Thursday, June 25, 2015


Hello hello..

I'm back again trying to make something positive out of my time. It's hard to be consistent in life..First time I created this blog was when I was sooo vulnerable..hahahaa..Through out these past years there had been many life changing moments. I GRADUATED from my masters and now I'M A MARRIED MAN!!!

So, why am I writing again? Still vulnerable? Well I'm much more mature now and happier after founded a companion to spend my life with. Every exit is a new entrance, that's what I like to say. My exit from a single bachelor is a new life of marriage and family building, and my exit from masters school is the entrance to a career life. For now, lets just say I have time and I need to use it for something positive so I won't get freekin out of my mind!

I'll try to write about some of my past (between 2012-2015) and tweek more this blog..I'm a newbie so still ain't good rejuvenating this blog..Hopefully in time it'll be much better, both in content and design :D So far the recent changes are the template design, text colors etc. and background page image. 

So hopefully, I can be more consistent in sharing my shadows of journeys..

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