Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My name is..

Names.. What is it for? What is the meaning of having a name?


Your name is not only your identity but sometimes it defines who you are. Some names are unique, some are familiar, some might be hilarious and some sounds sweet. People says that a name is actually a prayer from the parents what the child would be.
Mostly there's a given name or front name, middle name (tentative) and surname or family name. In Indonesia, not all of the names has structures of three. Mostly are  two and you can also find a person with a single name. Indonesian don't have the culture of having a surname/family name that is pass down through many generations, except for some tribes such as batak or manado that usually have a special clan (fam/marga) to be passed down. Actually it depends on the family to have a name to be pass down or not. For example, my father's family name is Matahelemual but on my birth certificate it isn't included. Matahelemual is an ambonese clan name but not well known. In the western, if you're looking for a person you might seek for their family name. In Indonesia is quite hard finding someone by seeking for their family name. In one family, they could have unique surnames.

In my birth certificate, elementary/junior high/high school and university degree, my father's name isn't included but on my National Identity (KTP) and Passport it's included. Why do I have Matahelemual on my KTP? It's because my father that took care of my KTP application and he insist to add the name. Because a passport is made according to KTP, Matahelemual is stuck on it too. Well that's Indonesia, everything can be easily  arranged. But sometimes there's a benefit having a three structure name if you're a field worker and travel arround the world. In the Arabs you'll need to have a three structure name to get a visa, this was told by my colleagues that usually works offshore in the Emirates. Now days having an Arabic name can complicate you for entering certain countries after 9/11.
Name is a prayer huh? Some names have meanings and carefully chosen by the parents. But there's also "just a name".

I have been told by my mother what my names mean. "Dhira is brave and Adhiwijna means the most prudent", my mother said. But I also did some "googling" for my name's meanings. My names are taken from sanskrit, an ancient Indo-aryan language originates from India. I found a great website, an online sankrit dictionary, that was very helpful: http://spokensanskrit.de/ .
Dhira (धीरhad a lot of meanings, brave, deep, dull, wise, gentle, clever, energetic and so on. In that site, Adhiwijna/AdhivijJana (अधिविज्ञानmeant highest knowledge. So now I know what my parents expect from to be :-D

I found about that website just last night, not because I was looking for my name but because I wanted to change my blog page name. When I first created my blog, the page was hydrocean.blogspot.com. Then I found out that there's a French company named Hydrocean. Since I don't want to be called a copy cat, I wanted to change it immediately. The name hydrocean came up my mind because of my interest and passion in water, seas and oceans. The oceans and seas are an inspiration for me, that's why I wanted to name my page with something with it. I started to "google" sankrit online dictionary to seek oceans and seas in sankrit. I decide to change my page to bharubhiru.blogspot.com. Bharu? Bhiru? It's not taken from Baru (in Indonesian it means new)  or Biru (blue) but it's another sankrit word. One of the meaning of Bharu (भरु) is Sea and Bhiru (भीरु)is shadow. bharubiru is the shadows of the ocean, my words are my shadows in my life..

Dhira can also be meant as sea. Maybe it was written for me to be with the sea...

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